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Reifen {pl}Plural (die) hoops
Fassbänder {pl}Plural (die) hoops (of a barrel / cask)
Faßbänder {pl}Plural (die) [alte Orthogr.] hoops (of a barrel / cask)
Faßreifen {pl}Plural (die) [alte Orthogr.] hoops (of a barrel / cask)
Ringe {pl}Plural (die) (Fingerringe) hoops
Ringe {pl}Plural (die) ([Fass- etc.] Reifen) hoops
Ringe {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (eines Waffenrohrs) hoops


The accident had happened in getting it out of a cart; the cask had tumbled out with a run, the hoops had burst, and it lay on the stones just outside the door of the wine-shop, shattered like a walnut-shell.
Oft have we known that seven-fold fence to fail, Tho’ stuffed with hoops and armed with ribs of whale.”
At the period of our arrival at the Island, the heaviest storage of the Pequod had been almost completed; comprising her beef, bread, water, fuel, and iron hoops and staves.
Standing in iron hoops nailed to the mast, they swayed and swung over a fathomless sea; and though, when the ship slowly glided close under our stern, we six men in the air came so nigh to each other that we might almost have leaped from the mast-heads of one ship to those of the other; yet, those forlorn-looking fishermen, mildly eyeing us as they passed, said not one word to our own look-outs, while the quarter-deck hail was being heard from below.
pointing to the ship; “well, that’s the figure one; now take all the hoops in the Pequod’s hold, and string along in a row with that mast, for oughts, do you see; well, that wouldn’t begin to be Fedallah’s age.
Nor all the coopers in creation couldn’t show hoops enough to make oughts enough.”
Now, if he’s so old as all those hoops of yours come to, and if he is going to live for ever, what good will it do to pitch him overboard—tell me that?
Broken hoops on the shore; at the land a maze of dark cunning nets; farther away chalkscrawled backdoors and on the higher beach a dryingline with two crucified shirts.
The christian laws which built up the hoards of the jews (for whom, as for the lollards, storm was shelter) bound their affections too with hoops of steel.
We came to Richmond all too soon, and our destination there was a house by the green,—a staid old house, where hoops and powder and patches, embroidered coats, rolled stockings, ruffles and swords, had had their court days many a time.

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