Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: huffy

eingeschnappt [ugs.] (bes. aus nichtigem Anlass)
verärgert {adj.} (verstimmt, beleidigt)
verstimmt (gereizt, verärgert)


But the duke kind of soured on him, and didn’t look a bit satisfied with the way things was going; still, the king acted real friendly towards him, and said the duke’s great-grandfather and all the other Dukes of Bilgewater was a good deal thought of by his father, and was allowed to come to the palace considerable; but the duke stayed huffy a good while, till by and by the king says: “Like as not we got to be together a blamed long time on this h-yer raft, Bilgewater, and so what’s the use o’ your bein’ sour?
and she looked huffy and bothered both.
Dolph was particularly huffy about it, and I had to talk to him like a father, to bring him round.”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
verärgert {adj.} (verstimmt, beleidigt) huffy
verstimmt (gereizt, verärgert) huffy
übelnehmerischen huffy
eingeschnappt [ugs.] (bes. aus nichtigem Anlass) huffy