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falls if
ob if
sofern if
wenn (falls) if
If.... (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1968) If....
allenfalls if need be
wenn ich bitten darf if you please
dann und nur dann if and only if (iff)
Du wirst dich eben damit abfinden müssen. If you don't like it you can lump it.
gegebenenfalls {adv} (auf Formularen) if applicable
genau dann if and only if (iff)
ggf. : gegebenenfalls if necessary
ggf. : gegebenenfalls if applicable
im (äußersten) Notfall if (the) worst comes to (the) worst
notfalls {adv} if necessary
sofern Lieferung nicht vor Juni erfolgt if delivery is not made by June
unter Umständen if need be
Wenn ..., dann bin ich der Kaiser von China! If ..., then I'm a Chinaman!
wenn ..., dann ist (damit) Feierabend (ugs., fig.) if ..., that's the end of that
wenn alle Stränge reißen if all else fails
wenn alle Stränge reißen (ugs.)umgangssprachlich if (the) worst comes to (the) worst
wenn alle Stricke reißen (ugs.)umgangssprachlich if (the) worst comes to (the) worst
wenn alles glattgeht (ugs.)umgangssprachlich if all goes smoothly
wenn alles gut geht if everything goes well
wenn du meinst... if you think...

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Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him if you do not.”
“It will be no use to us, if twenty such should come, since you will not visit them.”
But if we do not venture somebody else will; and after all, Mrs. Long and her nieces must stand their chance; and, therefore, as she will think it an act of kindness, if you decline the office, I will take it on myself.”
“He is also handsome,” replied Elizabeth, “which a young man ought likewise to be, if he possibly can.
Miss Bingley is to live with her brother, and keep his house; and I am much mistaken if we shall not find a very charming neighbour in her.”
To be sure that did seem as if he admired her—indeed I rather believe he did—I heard something about it—but I hardly know what—something about Mr. Robinson.”
“Another time, Lizzy,” said her mother, “I would not dance with him, if I were you.”
“That is very true,” replied Elizabeth, “and I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”
“Then you would drink a great deal more than you ought,” said Mrs. Bennet; “and if I were to see you at it, I should take away your bottle directly.”
Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like her, if she does not help him on.”

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