Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: in my opinion

m.E. : meines Erachtens
meiner Ansicht nach


My dear old fellow,— “With regard to Miss Westenra’s health I hasten to let you know at once that in my opinion there is not any functional disturbance or any malady that I know of.
You may say what you want to, but in my opinion she had more sand in her than any girl I ever see; in my opinion she was just full of sand.
This is the battle of Pultúsk, which is considered a great victory but in my opinion was nothing of the kind.
Had he been in my opinion a good preacher, perhaps I might have continued,[65] notwithstanding the occasion I had for the Sunday's leisure in my course of study; but his discourses were chiefly either polemic arguments, or explications of the peculiar doctrines of our sect, and were all to me very dry, uninteresting, and unedifying, since not a single moral principle was inculcated or enforc'd, their aim seeming to be rather to make us Presbyterians than good citizens.
Now to this peace of mind the possession of wealth greatly contributes; and therefore I say, that, setting one thing against another, of the many advantages which wealth has to give, to a man of sense this is in my opinion the greatest.
I entirely agree with you, he said; in my opinion those stories are quite unfit to be repeated.
The dog’s jaw, as shown in the space between these marks, is too broad in my opinion for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff.
“He is a very strange man,” she said, “and in my opinion is himself the Adelmonte he talks about.”
“No, no, I will be on the ground at the proper time; but in my opinion (and I have a right to dictate the preliminaries, as it is I who have received the provocation)—in my opinion the time ought not to be yet.
When they arrived at the Madeleine: “Since we are out,” said Beauchamp, “let us call on M. de Monte Cristo; he is admirably adapted to revive one’s spirits, because he never interrogates, and in my opinion those who ask no questions are the best comforters.”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Ansicht {f} opinion
entgegen der Ansicht contrary to the opinion
m.E. : meines Erachtens in my opinion
Meinungsbildung {f} opinion-forming
Meinungsverschiedenheit {f} difference of opinion
seine Meinung abgeben/kundgeben/verkünden to hand out one's opinion
Rechtsauffassung {f} [jur.] legal opinion
Meinungsführerin {f} leader of opinion
jdn. um seine Meinung fragen ask sb.'s opinion {v}
sich jds. Ansicht anschliessen [schweiz. Orthogr.] to endorse sb.'s opinion