Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: in quality

qualitativ {adv.}


After the cloth was taken away, and the hour of repose came on, Charles and I were, without further ceremony, in quality of man and wife, shown up together to a very handsome apartment, and, all in course, the bed, they said, the best in the inn.
Nevertheless, when we look round and see that hardly anyone is too ugly or disagreeable to find a wife or a husband if he or she wants one, whilst many old maids and bachelors are above the average in quality and culture, we cannot help suspecting that the disentanglement of sex from the associations with which it is so commonly confused, a disentanglement which persons of genius achieve by sheer intellectual analysis, is sometimes produced or aided by parental fascination.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
schlechte Qualität {f} bad quality
umfassendes Qualitätsmanagement {n} total quality management (TQM)
niedrigste Qualität {f} bottom quality
Kraftstoffgüte {f} fuel quality
ausgesuchte Qualität {f} choice quality
qualitätsbewusst einkaufen to shop for quality
Gestaltungsqualität {f} design quality
qualitativ {adv.} in quality
Farbqualität {f} color quality [esp. Am.]
Fasergüte {f} fiber quality [esp. Am.]