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Deutsch Englisch
empört indignantly
ungehaltene indignantly


she said, indignantly turning to Mr. Lorry; “couldn’t you tell her what you had to tell her, without frightening her to death?
“President, I indignantly protest to you that this is a forgery and a fraud.
[Jack looks indignantly at him, and leaves the room.
replied Natásha indignantly and seriously.
It is concerned, not with visible objects, but with abstract truth; for numbers are pure abstractions—the true arithmetician indignantly denies that his unit is capable of division.
I was going to reply indignantly that we were not National School boys to be whipped, as he called it; but I remained silent.
This was almost indignantly refused.
He looked askance and rather indignantly at Raskolnikov; he was so very badly dressed, and in spite of his humiliating position, his bearing was by no means in keeping with his clothes.
How indignantly he stands beside the slowly turning swamp of sounds without tune and rhythms without dance, which Germans call a "book"!
The [pg 220] girl at the window turned her back indignantly on the scene; an expression of extraordinary cordiality came over the haughtily inquiring face of the woman.

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