Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: instability

Haltlosigkeit {f}Femininum (die)
Instabilität {f}Femininum (die)
Labilität {f}Femininum (die)
Unbeständigkeit {f}Femininum (die)


Its instability startled me extremely, and I had a queer reminiscence of the childish days when I used to be forbidden to meddle.
Another effect of public instability is the unreasonable advantage it gives to the sagacious, the enterprising, and the moneyed few over the industrious and uninformed mass of the people.
Above all, he felt the instability and unnaturalness of his relations with his wife.
Thus saith Cide Hamete the Mahometan philosopher; for there are many that by the light of nature alone, without the light of faith, have a comprehension of the fleeting nature and instability of this present life and the endless duration of that eternal life we hope for; but our author is here speaking of the rapidity with which Sancho's government came to an end, melted away, disappeared, vanished as it were in smoke and shadow.
Much now have we said of the Heaven of heavens, and of the earth invisible and without form, and of the darksome deep, in reference to the wandering instability of its spiritual deformity, unless it had been converted unto Him, from Whom it had its then degree of life, and by His enlightening became a beauteous life, and the heaven of that heaven, which was afterwards set between water and water.
The woman opened to him the door of a little parlor, covered with a rag carpet, where stood a table with a very shining black oil-cloth, sundry lank, high-backed wood chairs, with some plaster images in resplendent colors on the mantel-shelf, above a very dimly-smoking grate; a long hard-wood settle extended its uneasy length by the chimney, and here Haley sat him down to meditate on the instability of human hopes and happiness in general.
One of the principal vices of the elective system is that it always introduces a certain degree of instability into the internal and external policy of the State.
When elections occur frequently, their recurrence keeps society in a perpetual state of feverish excitement, and imparts a continual instability to public affairs.
Many of the Americans consider the instability of their laws as a necessary consequence of a system whose general results are beneficial.
"The instability of our laws," said he in a letter to Madison, "is really a very serious inconvenience.

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Deutsch Englisch
divergente Instabilität {f} divergent instability
Amplitudeninstabilität {f} [phys.] amplitude instability
Haltlosigkeit {f} instability
Verbrennungsinstabilität {f} combustion instability
Instabilität {f} instability
Knickinstabilität {f} kink instability
Instabilität {f} durch Schwingungen oscillatory instability
Spannungsinstabilität {f} [elektr.] voltage instability
Labilität {f} instability
Wärmeunbeständigkeit {f} [phys., tech.] thermal instability