Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: jabber

Geplapper {n}Neutrum (das) [ugs., pej.]


I got some of their jabber out of a book.
Monkwords, marybeads jabber on their girdles: roguewords, tough nuggets patter in their pockets.
Sídorov, turning to the French, winked, and began to jabber meaningless sounds very fast: “Kari, mala, tafa, safi, muter, Kaská,” he said, trying to give an expressive intonation to his voice.
To go and jabber in the open air over the jibes of the National Guard!
But to be a town councilor and discuss how many dustmen are needed, and how chimneys shall be constructed in the town in which I don’t live—to serve on a jury and try a peasant who’s stolen a flitch of bacon, and listen for six hours at a stretch to all sorts of jabber from the counsel for the defense and the prosecution, and the president cross-examining my old half-witted Alioshka, ‘Do you admit, prisoner in the dock, the fact of the removal of the bacon?’
All the talk we ever have heard Uttered by bat or beast or bird— Hide or fin or scale or feather— Jabber it quickly and all together!

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
jdm. ein Ohr abquasseln [ugs., fig.] to jabber away endlessly at sb.
jdm. die Ohren abquasseln [ugs., fig.] to jabber away endlessly at sb.
plappern [ugs., oft pej.] to jabber
Geplapper {n} [ugs., pej.] jabber
stören (Netzwerkkarte) [-special_topic_comp.-] to jabber [-special_topic_comp.-]
Schwatzmaul {n} [ugs., pej.] jabber-box [coll.]
jdm. ein Ohr abreden [fig.] to jabber away endlessly at sb.
Fixer {m} [ugs.] (jd., der sich Drogen spritzt) jabber [Am.] [sl.]
jdm. die Ohren abreden [fig.] to jabber away endlessly at sb.
Quasselstrippe {f} [ugs., pej.; auch hum.] (bes. Frau, Mädchen) jabber-box [coll.]