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Gefängniswärter {m}Maskulinum (der) jailer
Schließer {m}Maskulinum (der) (ugs., im Gefängnis) jailer
Schließerin {f}Femininum (die) (im Gefängnis) (female) jailer


But the countryman seized his fiddle, and struck up a tune, and at the first note judge, clerks, and jailer were in motion; all began capering, and no one could hold the miser.
Sinbad the Sailor and Tinbad the Tailor and Jinbad the Jailer and Whinbad the Whaler and Ninbad the Nailer and Finbad the Failer and Binbad the Bailer and Pinbad the Pailer and Minbad the Mailer and Hinbad the Hailer and Rinbad the Railer and Dinbad the Kailer and Vinbad the Quailer and Linbad the Yailer and Xinbad the Phthailer.
I went to the prison; the jailer would not admit me.
Closely following the jailer into the dismal apartment, appeared that individual, of singular aspect whose presence in the crowd had been of such deep interest to the wearer of the scarlet letter.
And before Dantès could open his mouth—before he had noticed where the jailer placed his bread or the water—before he had glanced towards the corner where the straw was, the jailer disappeared, taking with him the lamp and closing the door, leaving stamped upon the prisoner’s mind the dim reflection of the dripping walls of his dungeon.
With the first dawn of day the jailer returned, with orders to leave Dantès where he was.
The jailer advanced; Dantès appeared not to perceive him.
The jailer stared.
The jailer shrugged his shoulders and left the chamber.
The next morning at the same hour, the jailer came again.

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