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Deutsch Englisch
stoßweise jerking
zerrend jerking
zuckend jerking
zusammenzuckend jerking
zusammenzuckend [alt] jerking
Schüttelherd {m}Maskulinum (der) jerking table
Wichserei {f}Femininum (die) [vulg.] ([andauernde] Masturbation) (constant) jerking off [esp. Am.] [sl.]
Wichsen {n}Neutrum (das) [vulg.] (Masturbation) jerking off [esp. Am.] [sl.]
zuckender Schwanz {m}Maskulinum (der) [sl.] (Penis) jerking cock


“I’ve got him here,” he whispered, jerking his thumb over his shoulder; “he’s all right.”
Likewise upon the extreme stern of the boat where it was also triangularly platformed level with the gunwale, Starbuck himself was seen coolly and adroitly balancing himself to the jerking tossings of his chip of a craft, and silently eyeing the vast blue eye of the sea.
“The Lakeman now patrolled the barricade, all the while keeping his eye on the Captain, and jerking out such sentences as these:—‘It’s not our fault; we didn’t want it; I told him to take his hammer away; it was boy’s business; he might have known me before this; I told him not to prick the buffalo; I believe I have broken a finger here against his cursed jaw; ain’t those mincing knives down in the forecastle there, men?
But a sudden, terrific, downward jerking of the boat, quickly brought his knife to the line.
It is only indispensable with an inveterate running whale; its grand fact and feature is the wonderful distance to which the long lance is accurately darted from a violently rocking, jerking boat, under extreme headway.
So that when at last the jerking harpoon drew out, and the towing whale sideways vanished; then, with the tapering force of his parting momentum, we glided between two whales into the innermost heart of the shoal, as if from some mountain torrent we had slid into a serene valley lake.
Seizing that opportunity, Ahab first paid out more line: and then was rapidly hauling and jerking in upon it again—hoping that way to disencumber it of some snarls—when lo!
So he went to the beetle and began a wary attack on it again; jumping at it from every point of a circle, lighting with his fore-paws within an inch of the creature, making even closer snatches at it with his teeth, and jerking his head till his ears flapped again.
He rustled the pleated pages, jerking his chin on his high collar.
At the corner of the pine-wood he caught sight of Sir Geoffrey Clouston, the duchess's brother, jerking two spent cartridges out of his gun.

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