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Kaleidoskop {n}Neutrum (das) kaleidoscope
Der Gentleman-Zinker (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1966) Kaleidoscope [original title]
Der Mann, der alle Banken sprengte [TV-Titel] (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1966) Kaleidoscope [original title]
Kaleidoskop [lit.] (Stefan Zweig) Kaleidoscope


Provided with a case of pencils, and some sheets of paper, I used to take a seat apart from them, near the window, and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes, representing any scene that happened momentarily to shape itself in the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of imagination: a glimpse of sea between two rocks; the rising moon, and a ship crossing its disk; a group of reeds and water-flags, and a naiad’s head, crowned with lotus-flowers, rising out of them; an elf sitting in a hedge-sparrow’s nest, under a wreath of hawthorn-bloom.
The date of the year 1823 was indicated, nevertheless, by two objects which were then fashionable in the bourgeois class: to wit, a kaleidoscope and a lamp of ribbed tin.
these and more are flashing to us from the procession, As it moves changing, a kaleidoscope divine it moves changing before us.

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