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Deutsch Englisch
scharfe keenly
emsig {adv.} (eifrig) keenly
willig {adv.} (eifrig, begeistert) keenly


Then he walked slowly up the street, and then down again to the corner, still looking keenly at the houses.
Over the edge there peeped a clean-cut, boyish face, which looked keenly about it, and then, with a hand on either side of the aperture, drew itself shoulder-high and waist-high, until one knee rested upon the edge.
I asked, keenly interested, as I always was, by my friend’s incisive reasoning.
“We do all our correspondence with this machine at the office, and no doubt it is a little worn,” our visitor answered, glancing keenly at Holmes with his bright little eyes.
she repeated, standing upon the rug and looking keenly down at him as he leaned back in a basket-chair.
At any rate, it was there, and I was keenly on the lookout for any chance to pass the forbidden door.
I was keenly on my guard against him.
said Holmes, looking keenly at her.
I was too cold and too sleepy to be keenly observant, and not sleepy enough to betray my trust so altogether I had a dreary, miserable time.
When he saw Renfield on the ground, he looked keenly at him a moment, and then turned to me.

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