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Laboratorien {pl}Plural (die)


Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.
The terrible disasters at the Ealing and South Kensington laboratories have disinclined analysts for further investigations upon the latter.

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Sandia National Laboratories {pl} (SNL) (Forschungs- und Entwicklungseinrichtungen des US-Energieministeriums mit den Standorten Albuquerque, New Mexico, und Livermore, Kalifornien) Sandia National Laboratories , SNL
Laboratorien {pl} laboratories
Sprachlabore {pl} language laboratories
Forschungslaboratorien {pl} research laboratories
Forschungslabors {pl} research laboratories
Unterwasserlabors {pl} underwater laboratories
Unterwasserlaboratorien {pl} underwater laboratories