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Pyraechmes the Paeonian troops attend, Skill'd in the fight their crooked bows to bend; From Axius' ample bed he leads them on, [pg 050] Axius, that laves the distant Amydon, Axius, that swells with all his neighbouring rills, And wide around the floating region fills.
Far distant hence I held my wide command, Where foaming Xanthus laves the Lycian land; With ample wealth (the wish of mortals) bless'd, A beauteous wife, and infant at her breast; With those I left whatever dear could be: Greece, if she conquers, nothing wins from me; Yet first in fight my Lycian bands I cheer, And long to meet this mighty man ye fear; While Hector idle stands, nor bids the brave Their wives, their infants, and their altars save.
The water laves the shore as it did a thousand years ago.
I hear the annual singing of the children in St. Paul's cathedral, Or, under the high roof of some colossal hall, the symphonies, oratorios of Beethoven, Handel, or Haydn, The Creation in billows of godhood laves me.

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Laves-Phase {f} [chem., met.] Laves phase
Laves-Phasen {pl} [chem., met.] Laves phases
wäscht laves