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gesetzlich lawful
rechtmäßig lawful
rechtmäßiger Erbe {m}Maskulinum (der) lawful heir
rechtmäßige Mittel {pl}Plural (die) lawful means
gesetzlicher Anspruch {m}Maskulinum (der) [jur.] lawful claim
berechtigter Anspruch {m}Maskulinum (der) [jur.] lawful claim
gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel {n}Neutrum (das) lawful money [Am.]


The illuminated village had seized hold of the tocsin, and, abolishing the lawful ringer, rang for joy.
no lawful way?
So also if wee see not, but onely hear tell of a Miracle, we are to consult the Lawful Church; that is to say, the lawful Head thereof, how far we are to give credit to the relators of it.
If any man shall accuse this doctrine, as repugnant to true, and unfeigned Christianity; I ask him, in case there should be a subject in any Christian Common-wealth, that should be inwardly in his heart of the Mahometan Religion, whether if his Soveraign Command him to bee present at the divine service of the Christian Church, and that on pain of death, he think that Mamometan obliged in conscience to suffer death for that cause, rather than to obey that command of his lawful Prince.
For Haeretiques are none but private men, that stubbornly defend some Doctrine, prohibited by their lawful Soveraigns.
For what is it for men to excommunicate their lawful King, but to keep him from all places of Gods publique Service in his own Kingdom?
Not but what he could feel with mettlesome youth which, caring nought for the mows of dotards or the gruntlings of the severe, is ever (as the chaste fancy of the Holy Writer expresses it) for eating of the tree forbid it yet not so far forth as to pretermit humanity upon any condition soever towards a gentlewoman when she was about her lawful occasions.
And as her loving eyes behold her babe she wishes only one blessing more, to have her dear Doady there with her to share her joy, to lay in his arms that mite of God’s clay, the fruit of their lawful embraces.
Order is not yet restored and not a single merchant is carrying on trade in a lawful manner.
Even now we venture into that familiar nursery only because its lawful occupants are on their way home; we are merely hurrying on in advance of them to see that their beds are properly aired and that Mr. and Mrs. Darling do not go out for the evening.

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