Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: laying

Auflegen {n}Neutrum (das)
Ablage {f}Femininum (die) (von Eiern) [zool.]


Elizabeth was so much caught with what passed, as to leave her very little attention for her book; and soon laying it wholly aside, she drew near the card-table, and stationed herself between Mr. Bingley and his eldest sister, to observe the game.
“With respect to that other, more weighty accusation, of having injured Mr. Wickham, I can only refute it by laying before you the whole of his connection with my family.
At first his countenance was illuminated with pleasure, but as he continued, thoughtfulness and sadness succeeded; at length, laying aside the instrument, he sat absorbed in reflection.
With trembling hand I conveyed the instruments out of the room, but I reflected that I ought not to leave the relics of my work to excite the horror and suspicion of the peasants; and I accordingly put them into a basket, with a great quantity of stones, and laying them up, determined to throw them into the sea that very night; and in the meantime I sat upon the beach, employed in cleaning and arranging my chemical apparatus.
Mrs Linde [tidying up the room and laying her hat and cloak ready].
“You will observe,” said Holmes, laying down the volume, “that the sudden breaking up of the society was coincident with the disappearance of Openshaw from America with their papers.
said he, laying down his cup, “I feared as much.
“Well, you can imagine how hard it was to settle down to arduous work at £2 a week when I knew that I could earn as much in a day by smearing my face with a little paint, laying my cap on the ground, and sitting still.
The small boy brought round a small thin volume and a great greasy-backed one, laying them out together beneath the hanging lamp.
“I believe, Mr. Holmes, that you have already made up your mind,” said Miss Stoner, laying her hand upon my companion’s sleeve.

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Deutsch Englisch
Direktfeuer {n} der vorgeschobenen Artilleriegeschütze fire of artillery pieces pushed forward for laying direct fire
Kabelverlegung {f} cable laying
(feierliche) Aufbahrung {f} laying in state
Kedermaschine {f} [Schuhmacherei] rand laying machine
Eiablageplatz {m} [zool.] egg-laying site
Gleisbaumaschine {f} track-laying machine
Matteneinbauschiff {n} [naut.] mattress laying vessel
Schlauchwagen {m}, SW {m} (Fahrzeug der Feuerwehr etc.) hose-laying truck
Dünnbettverlegung {f} (Fliesenlegen) [-special_topic_constr.-] thin-bed laying [-special_topic_constr.-]
Landebahnbeschäumungsfahrzeug {n} (Flughafenfeuerwehr) runway foam laying vehicle