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Anschlussdraht {m}Maskulinum (der) lead
Aufmacher {m}Maskulinum (der) lead
aus Blei lead ...
Blei {n}Neutrum (das) [chem.] lead (Pb)
Führung {f}Femininum (die) lead
(eine Schlagserie) einleitender Schlag {m}Maskulinum (der) [Boxen] lead
Riemen {m}Maskulinum (der) (Hundeleine) (dog) lead
Schnur {f}Femininum (die) [ugs.] (Leitung) lead
Vorbild {n}Neutrum (das) (Beispiel) lead
Kabel {n}Neutrum (das) [elektr.] (Anschluss-, Netz-, Verlängerungskabel) lead
Kanal {m}Maskulinum (der) (Mühlkanal) lead
Spur {f}Femininum (die) (Anhaltspunkt; auch kriminologisch verwertbar) lead
Vorhand {f}Femininum (die) [Kartenspiel] lead
Bleistiftmine {f}Femininum (die) lead
Leine {f}Femininum (die) (zum Führen von Tieren, z. B. Hundeleine) lead
Spitze {f}Femininum (die) [Sport etc.] (Führung) lead
Hinweis {m}Maskulinum (der) (Anhaltspunkt) lead
Koppel {f}Femininum (die) (Hunde- etc.] Leine) lead
Durchschuss {m}Maskulinum (der) [typogr.] lead
Durchschuß {m}Maskulinum (der) [alte Orthogr.] [typogr.] lead
Anschlussende {n}Neutrum (das) lead end
Anschlussloch {n}Neutrum (das) lead mounting hole
Anschlussüberstand {m}Maskulinum (der) lead extension
Aufmacher {m}Maskulinum (der) lead story
Blei-Borglasur {f}Femininum (die) lead borosilicate glaze
Bleiabguss {m}Maskulinum (der) lead cast
Bleiablagerung {f}Femininum (die) (im Waffenlauf) lead fouling
Bleiabschirmung {f}Femininum (die) [nukl.-tech.] lead shielding
Bleiabstrich {m}Maskulinum (der) lead scum
Bleiacetat {n}Neutrum (das) [chem.] lead acetate
Bleialter {n}Neutrum (das) [geol.] lead age
Bleianode {f}Femininum (die) [elektr.] lead anode
Bleiasche {f}Femininum (die) lead ashes
Bleiauskleidung {f}Femininum (die) lead lining
Bleiazid {n}Neutrum (das) [chem.] lead azide
Bleibad {n}Neutrum (das) [met.] lead bath
Bleibaum {m}Maskulinum (der) [chem.] lead tree
Bleiblech {n}Neutrum (das) (Blech aus Blei) lead sheet
Bleiblockausbauchung {f}Femininum (die) [Sprengtechnik] lead block test
Bleibronze {f}Femininum (die) lead bronze

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Miss Bingley moved with some alacrity to the pianoforte; and, after a polite request that Elizabeth would lead the way which the other as politely and more earnestly negatived, she seated herself.
As a clergyman, moreover, I feel it my duty to promote and establish the blessing of peace in all families within the reach of my influence; and on these grounds I flatter myself that my present overtures are highly commendable, and that the circumstance of my being next in the entail of Longbourn estate will be kindly overlooked on your side, and not lead you to reject the offered olive-branch.
You can hardly doubt the purport of my discourse, however your natural delicacy may lead you to dissemble; my attentions have been too marked to be mistaken.
I am therefore by no means discouraged by what you have just said, and shall hope to lead you to the altar ere long.”
On this point she was soon satisfied; and two or three little circumstances occurred ere they parted, which, in her anxious interpretation, denoted a recollection of Jane not untinctured by tenderness, and a wish of saying more that might lead to the mention of her, had he dared.
I never meant to deceive you, but my spirits might often lead me wrong.
I will not lead you on, unguarded and ardent as I then was, to your destruction and infallible misery.
On you it rests, whether I quit forever the neighbourhood of man and lead a harmless life, or become the scourge of your fellow creatures and the author of your own speedy ruin."
I had resolved in my own mind that to create another like the fiend I had first made would be an act of the basest and most atrocious selfishness, and I banished from my mind every thought that could lead to a different conclusion.
"Or whither does your senseless curiosity lead you?

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