Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: leather purse

Lederhandtasche {f}Femininum (die)


Then she had to rush out as quickly as she could and do her marketing, holding her black leather purse tightly in her hand as she elbowed her way through the crowds and returning home late under her load of provisions.
The man drew a large leather purse from the pocket of his blouse, and answered, “I have money.”
He had nothing on his person except a leather purse containing six francs, and his handkerchief.
On the string were two crosses, one of Cyprus wood and one of copper, and an image in silver filigree, and with them a small greasy chamois leather purse with a steel rim and ring.
The governor on this asked him if he had any money in silver about him; he said he had about twenty ducats in a leather purse in his bosom.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Lederrucksack {m} leather rucksack
Büffelleder {n} buff leather
Lederherstellung {f} leather manufacturing
Nanai-Leder {n} (ein Lachsleder) Nanai leather
Fensterleder {n} wash leather
Robbenleder {n} seal leather
Lacklederpumps {pl} patent leather court shoes {s} [esp. Br.]
Ledermanschette {f} leather collar
Lederwämser {pl} [bes. hist.] (Untergewänder der Ritter oder Landsknechte) leather doublets
Ledersessel {m} (Auto-, Passagiersitz) leather seat