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Anleihe {f}Femininum (die) [fin.] loan
Ausleihe {f}Femininum (die) loan
Darlehen {n}Neutrum (das) [fin.] loan
Kredit {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] (Darlehen) loan
Leihe {f}Femininum (die) loan
Darlehn {n}Neutrum (das) [fin.] loan
Ausleihfrist {f}Femininum (die) loan period
Ausleihgebühr {f}Femininum (die) loan charge
Ausleihstatistik {f}Femininum (die) loan statistics
Ausleihstatus {m}Maskulinum (der) loan status
Ausleihvertrag {m}Maskulinum (der) loan deal
Darlehensberater {m}Maskulinum (der) loan officer
Darlehenskasse {f}Femininum (die) loan society
Darlehenskasse {f}Femininum (die) loan office
Darlehenskassen {pl}Plural (die) loan societies
Kreditvaluta {f}Femininum (die) loan money
Kreditzinssatz {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] loan interest rate
Kredithai {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin., ugs., pej.] loan shark [coll., pej.]
unbesichertes Darlehen {n}Neutrum (das) [fin.] loan not covered by collateral
Kasse {f}Femininum (die) (Darlehenskasse) loan bank [Br.]
Kasse {f}Femininum (die) (Darlehenskasse) loan society
Kasse {f}Femininum (die) (Darlehenskasse) loan office
Darlehenskasse {f}Femininum (die) loan bank [Br.]
Kreditanstalt {f}Femininum (die) (Darlehensbank) loan bank [Br.]
Darlehensbank {f}Femininum (die) loan bank [Br.]
Darlehenszusage {f}Femininum (die) [fin.] loan commitment

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You pay me back the chaws you’ve awready borry’d off’n me, Lafe Buckner, then I’ll loan you one or two ton of it, and won’t charge you no back intrust, nuther.”
What is the ruinous discount which Mordecai, the broker, gets from poor Woebegone, the bankrupt, on a loan to keep Woebegone’s family from starvation; what is that ruinous discount but a Fast-Fish?
He came over to the gunrest and, thrusting a hand into Stephen’s upper pocket, said: —Lend us a loan of your noserag to wipe my razor.
s. d. 1 Pork kidney 0—0—3 1 Copy Freeman’s Journal 0—0—1 1 Bath and Gratification 0—1—6 Tramfare 0—0—1 1 In Memoriam Patrick Dignam 0—5—0 2 Banbury cakes 0—0—1 1 Lunch 0—0—7 1 Renewal fee for book 0—1—0 1 Packet Notepaper and Envelopes 0—0—2 1 Dinner and Gratification 0—2—0 1 Postal Order and Stamp 0—2—8 Tramfare 0—0—1 1 Pig’s Foot 0—0—4 1 Sheep’s Trotter 0—0—3 1 Cake Fry’s Plain Chocolate 0—0—1 1 Square Soda Bread 0—0—4 1 Coffee and Bun 0—0—4 Loan (Stephen Dedalus) refunded 1—7—0 BALANCE 0—16—6 ————— 2—19—3 Credit £.
Freeman’s Journal 1—7—6 Loan (Stephen Dedalus) 1—7—0 ————— 2—19—3 Did the process of divestiture continue?
£ 800 plus 2 1/2 % interest on the same, repayable quarterly in equal annual instalments until extinction by amortisation of loan advanced for purchase within a period of 20 years, amounting to an annual rental of £ 64, headrent included, the titledeeds to remain in possession of the lender or lenders with a saving clause envisaging forced sale, foreclosure and mutual compensation in the event of protracted failure to pay the terms assigned, otherwise the messuage to become the absolute property of the tenant occupier upon expiry of the period of years stipulated.
Mary Hendríkhovna obliged them with the loan of a petticoat to be used as a curtain, and behind that screen Rostóv and Ilyín, helped by Lavrúshka who had brought their kits, changed their wet things for dry ones.
She was wearing Wendy’s bracelet on her arm; she had asked for the loan of it.
I then suggested a method of doing the business without the governor, by orders on the trustees of the Loan office, which, by law, the Assembly had the right of drawing.
“He’s not a bad sort,” said Mr Henchy, “only Fanning has such a loan of him.

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