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Liebesbrief {m}Maskulinum (der)


“Only, for Christ’s sake...” the girl went on, as Natásha, without thinking, mechanically broke the seal and read a love letter from Anatole, of which, without taking in a word, she understood only that it was a letter from him—from the man she loved.
And how could she have a love letter from him in her hand?
With trembling hands Natásha held that passionate love letter which Dólokhov had composed for Anatole, and as she read it she found in it an echo of all that she herself imagined she was feeling.

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Letter of Intent {m}, LOI {m} [ökon., jur.] letter of intent {s}, LOI {s}, L/I
Dallas Love Field (nach First Lieutenant Moss Lee Love benannter öffentlicher Flughafen in Dallas, Texas (USA) Dallas Love Field
Kopf {m} [typogr.] (beim Schriftsatz: Stirnseite einer Letter) face
Only Love [lit.] Only Love [lit.] (Erich Segal)
Love [lit.] Lisey's Story [lit.] (Stephen King)
Love Story [lit.] Love Story [lit.] (Erich Segal)
Love Songs [lit.] Love Songs [lit.] (Lawrence Sanders)
Killing for Love [lit.] Dead by Midnight [lit.] (Beverly Barton)
> Love ({f}) (weiblicher Vorname) > Love
Love, Inc. (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Love, Inc.