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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: macerated

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aufgeweicht macerated
aufgequollen macerated
erweicht {adj.} [med. etc.] (Gewebe etc.) macerated
abgemagert macerated
ausgemergelt macerated
entkräftet {adj.} (ausgemergelt) macerated
mazeriert {adj.} [chem., biol., med.] macerated
aufgeschlossen [chem., biol., physiol.] (bei der Verdauung [Eiweiß etc.]) macerated


In the long cedar chests that lined the west gallery of his house, he had stored away many rare and beautiful specimens of what is really the raiment of the Bride of Christ, who must wear purple and jewels and fine linen that she may hide the pallid macerated body that is worn by the suffering that she seeks for and wounded by self-inflicted pain.

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