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gefertigt made
gemacht made
hergestellt made
abgestattet made a call on
angefreundet made friends
aufgeholt made up for
aus Blei made of lead
aus Kunstfasern made of/from synthetics
ausgeredet made excuses
befestigte Straße {f}Femininum (die) made road
bekannt gemacht made known
bekanntgemacht [alt] made known
davongemacht made off
diagnostizierte made a diagnosis
entgleiste made a slip
erschwerte made difficult
gelärmt made noise
gescheitelt made a parting
geschnörkelt made flourishes
geschwängert made pregnant
gespasst made fun
gleichgemacht made equal
klargemacht made clear

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Mr. Bennet made no answer.
Mr. Bingley had soon made himself acquainted with all the principal people in the room; he was lively and unreserved, danced every dance, was angry that the ball closed so early, and talked of giving one himself at Netherfield.
Mr. Bingley intended it likewise, and sometimes made choice of his county; but as he was now provided with a good house and the liberty of a manor, it was doubtful to many of those who best knew the easiness of his temper, whether he might not spend the remainder of his days at Netherfield, and leave the next generation to purchase.
Sir William Lucas had been formerly in trade in Meryton, where he had made a tolerable fortune, and risen to the honour of knighthood by an address to the king during his mayoralty.
By nature inoffensive, friendly, and obliging, his presentation at St. James’s had made him courteous.
But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she hardly had a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes.
Of this she was perfectly unaware; to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable nowhere, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.
Catherine was disconcerted, and made no answer; but Lydia, with perfect indifference, continued to express her admiration of Captain Carter, and her hope of seeing him in the course of the day, as he was going the next morning to London.
To this speech Bingley made no answer; but his sisters gave it their hearty assent, and indulged their mirth for some time at the expense of their dear friend’s vulgar relations.
Darcy only smiled; and the general pause which ensued made Elizabeth tremble lest her mother should be exposing herself again.

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