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Fabrikat {n}Neutrum (das) make
Herstellung {f}Femininum (die) make
Marke {f}Femininum (die) [ökon.] (Fabrikat [Automarke etc.]) make
Arbeitskontakt {m}Maskulinum (der) (Regeltechnik) make
Machart {f}Femininum (die) make
Automarke {f}Femininum (die) make
Beeil dich! Make haste!
bekannt machen make known
bekanntmachen [alt] make known
diagnostiziere make a diagnosis
Doppelt genäht hält besser. Make assurance double sure.
etwas unter die Leute bringen make something public
Fahren Sie nach links! Make a left turn!
Fasse dich kurz! Make it short!
In einem kannst du dir sicher sein. Make no mistake about it.
Kontaktschließzeit {f}Femininum (die) make time
Mach fix! Make it snappy!
Machen Sie drei Durchschläge! Make three copies!
Machen Sie es sich bequem! Make yourself at home!
Machen Sie es sich bequem! Make yourself comfortable!
Machen Sie es sich bequem. Make yourself at home.
Nütze es so gut wie möglich aus! Make the most of it!
scheitelen make a parting
Schließer {m}Maskulinum (der) (im Ruhezustand offener Melder) [-special_topic_electr.-] make (function) contact [-special_topic_electr.-]
schnörkelst make flourishes
Späße {pl}Plural (die) make fun

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Mr. Bennet was so odd a mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humour, reserve, and caprice, that the experience of three-and-twenty years had been insufficient to make his wife understand his character.
Mrs. Bennet deigned not to make any reply, but, unable to contain herself, began scolding one of her daughters.
For you are a young lady of deep reflection, I know, and read great books and make extracts.”
“I do not know how you will ever make him amends for his kindness; or me, either, for that matter.
But to be candid without ostentation or design—to take the good of everybody’s character and make it still better, and say nothing of the bad—belongs to you alone.
Jane should therefore make the most of every half-hour in which she can command his attention.
This is not quite enough to make her understand his character.”
“You make me laugh, Charlotte; but it is not sound.
He paused in hopes of an answer; but his companion was not disposed to make any; and Elizabeth at that instant moving towards them, he was struck with the action of doing a very gallant thing, and called out to her: “My dear Miss Eliza, why are you not dancing?
Well, Jane, make haste and tell us; make haste, my love.”

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