Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: marvelously

wunderbar [adv.]
fantastisch [adv.]
fabelhaft [adv.]
unglaublich [adv.]
unwahrscheinlich [adv.] (unglaublich)
erstaunlich [adv.]


And, since he now faced the lake with his back to the trees it was evidently nothing in the forest that had sent so strange and sudden a warning to his marvelously trained nerves.
Its colours and shadows are marvelously reflected in his "Twice-Told Tales" and other short stories, the product of his first literary period.
With the enthusiasm of a young artist she drew from the keys strains that seemed marvelously beautiful to Mam’selle Pauline, who stood enraptured near her.
—Should, however, the contrariety and conflict in such natures operate as an ADDITIONAL incentive and stimulus to life—and if, on the other hand, in addition to their powerful and irreconcilable instincts, they have also inherited and indoctrinated into them a proper mastery and subtlety for carrying on the conflict with themselves (that is to say, the faculty of self-control and self-deception), there then arise those marvelously incomprehensible and inexplicable beings, those enigmatical men, predestined for conquering and circumventing others, the finest examples of which are Alcibiades and Caesar (with whom I should like to associate the FIRST of Europeans according to my taste, the Hohenstaufen, Frederick the Second), and among artists, perhaps Leonardo da Vinci.
Every blade of grass, every insect, ant, and golden bee, all so marvelously know their path, though they have not intelligence, they bear witness to the mystery of God and continually accomplish it themselves.
Loving humility is marvelously strong, the strongest of all things, and there is nothing else like it.
She had a marvelously flexible voice and wonderful power of expression; the audience went wild over her selection.
But here, in this lonely and primitive place, where everything is so marvelously cheap, I really don't see how ever so much more money would at all materially add to our comforts, or even luxuries.
He had taken up his abode in Gratz, where, living upon a mere pittance, which was all that remained to him of the once princely estates of his family, in Upper Styria, he devoted himself to the minute and laborious investigation of the marvelously authenticated tradition of Vampirism.

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Deutsch Englisch
fantastisch [adv.] marvelously
fabelhaft [adv.] marvelously
unglaublich [adv.] marvelously
unwahrscheinlich [adv.] (unglaublich) marvelously
erstaunlich [adv.] marvelously
wunderbar [adv.] marvelously