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ärztliche Untersuchung {f}Femininum (die), Medizin-Check {m}Maskulinum (der)


On the third day my mother sickened; her fever was accompanied by the most alarming symptoms, and the looks of her medical attendants prognosticated the worst event.
When you have three children, you get visits now and then from--from married women, who know something of medical matters, and they talk about one thing and another.
As to your practice, if a gentleman walks into my rooms smelling of iodoform, with a black mark of nitrate of silver upon his right forefinger, and a bulge on the right side of his top-hat to show where he has secreted his stethoscope, I must be dull, indeed, if I do not pronounce him to be an active member of the medical profession.”
Might not the nature of the injuries reveal something to my medical instincts?
I was Isa Whitney’s medical adviser, and as such I had influence over him.
“I suppose, Watson,” said he, “that you imagine that I have added opium-smoking to cocaine injections, and all the other little weaknesses on which you have favoured me with your medical views.”
Surely your medical experience would tell you, Watson, that weakness in one limb is often compensated for by exceptional strength in the others.”
The last squire dragged out his existence there, living the horrible life of an aristocratic pauper; but his only son, my stepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to the new conditions, obtained an advance from a relative, which enabled him to take a medical degree and went out to Calcutta, where, by his professional skill and his force of character, he established a large practice.
When he reached my sister’s side she was unconscious, and though he poured brandy down her throat and sent for medical aid from the village, all efforts were in vain, for she slowly sank and died without having recovered her consciousness.
All my medical instincts rose up against that laugh.

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Medical Investigation (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Medical Investigation
Militärärztin {f} (female) medical officer
medizinische Abteilung {f} medical unit
Universitätsaugenklinik {f} ophthalmic unit at a university medical centre [Br.]
medizinische(r) Angestellte(r) {m} {f} medical employee
medizinische Psychologie {f} medical psychology
Pflegerin {f} (medical) orderly
medizinisches Studium {n} medical studies
Sanka {m} [bes. mil., ugs.] (Sanitätskraftwagen) medical vehicle
medizinischer Sekretär {m} medical secretary