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Mähmaschine {f}Femininum (die) (für Gras) mower
Mähwerk {n}Neutrum (das) mower
Werk {n}Neutrum (das) [agr.-tech.] (Mähwerk) mower
Mäher {m}Maskulinum (der) [tech.] (Heu-, Rasenmäher) mower
Mäher {m}Maskulinum (der) [veraltend] (jd., der Gras mäht bzw. die Heumahd erledigt) mower
Mähmesser {n}Neutrum (das) mower knife
Mähwerkantrieb {m}Maskulinum (der) mower drive
Mähwerksantrieb {m}Maskulinum (der) mower drive
Mähmesser {pl}Plural (die) mower knives


And then it was, that suddenly sweeping his sickle-shaped lower jaw beneath him, Moby Dick had reaped away Ahab’s leg, as a mower a blade of grass in the field.
A deaf gardener, aproned, masked with Matthew Arnold’s face, pushes his mower on the sombre lawn watching narrowly the dancing motes of grasshalms.
It is almost identical with that, for in the growing days of June, when the rills are dry, the grass-blades are their channels, and from year to year the herds drink at this perennial green stream, and the mower draws from it betimes their winter supply.
Seasons pursuing each other the plougher ploughs, the mower mows, and the winter-grain falls in the ground; Off on the lakes the pike-fisher watches and waits by the hole in the frozen surface, The stumps stand thick round the clearing, the squatter strikes deep with his axe, Flatboatmen make fast towards dusk near the cotton-wood or pecan-trees, Coon-seekers go through the regions of the Red river or through those drain'd by the Tennessee, or through those of the Arkansas, Torches shine in the dark that hangs on the Chattahooche or Altamahaw, Patriarchs sit at supper with sons and grandsons and great-grandsons around them, In walls of adobie, in canvas tents, rest hunters and trappers after their day's sport, The city sleeps and the country sleeps, The living sleep for their time, the dead sleep for their time, The old husband sleeps by his wife and the young husband sleeps by his wife; And these tend inward to me, and I tend outward to them, And such as it is to be of these more or less I am, And of these one and all I weave the song of myself.
129:6 Let them be as the grass upon the housetops, which withereth afore it groweth up: 129:7 Wherewith the mower filleth not his hand; nor he that bindeth sheaves his bosom.

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