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Göttertrank {m}Maskulinum (der) nectar
Nektar {m}Maskulinum (der) nectar
Honigseim {m}Maskulinum (der) [veraltet] (Nektar) nectar
Seim {m}Maskulinum (der) [veraltet] (Nektar) nectar
Arktische Brombeere {f}Femininum (die) [bot.] nectar blackberry (Rubus arcticus / Rubus acaulis / Rubus stellatus)
Allackerbeere {f}Femininum (die) [bot.] nectar blackberry (Rubus arcticus / Rubus acaulis / Rubus stellatus)
Ackerbeere {f}Femininum (die) [bot.] (Allackerbeere) nectar blackberry (Rubus arcticus / Rubus acaulis / Rubus stellatus)
Schwedische Ackerbeere {f}Femininum (die) [bot.] nectar blackberry (Rubus arcticus / Rubus acaulis / Rubus stellatus)


Quaffing nectar at mess with gods golden dishes, all ambrosial.
Then, more full of passion than ever woman lover had ever been, and enraptured as you listened to my voice, so completely beneath your sway, listening only to your own love, you would raise your little coquettish petticoat, and pressing dear little loves of calves more closely together, for you could be on your knees, resting upon my little blue veins, you would frig me in this manner, with greater vigour than ever sitting down every now and then upon your fine little heels, in order the better to release my beautiful prick, perfectly straight and rudely swollen and inflamed with passionate desires, from between your divine thighs, as soft as satin, and as white as snow, to better introduce the wet tips of your lovely and velvet like bosoms into the seductive little hole of my member, whilst my knees raised slightly behind would gently caress your bottom, so as to give you some little satisfaction in your turn; and at last, unable any longer to retard the moment of emission, you would bend forward, resting upon both your hands, to increase my desire, and keeping yourself back a little distance from me, while your petticoats would now cover my head, and act almost like an electrical conductor upon me, you would intoxicate me with the perfume exhaled from your legs, from your member, from your cunt, from your bottom, and lastly, you would slack my thirst and complete the celestial transport by pissing, with eager rapture, between my burning lips some of that woman's nectar which you would alone possess, and which, emanating from you alone in the world, is worthy of the gods.
Oh, how wild is the longing that I have for you at this moment; and this nectar I have spoken of, from whom else could I care for it, could I endure it even, whilst from you what mad delight!
Thus Vulcan spoke: and rising with a bound, The double bowl with sparkling nectar crown'd,72 Which held to Juno in a cheerful way, "Goddess (he cried), be patient and obey.
The draught prescribed, fair Hecamede prepares, Arsinous' daughter, graced with golden hairs: (Whom to his aged arms, a royal slave, Greece, as the prize of Nestor's wisdom gave:) A table first with azure feet she placed; Whose ample orb a brazen charger graced; Honey new-press'd, the sacred flour of wheat, And wholesome garlic, crown'd the savoury treat, [pg 212] Next her white hand an antique goblet brings, A goblet sacred to the Pylian kings From eldest times: emboss'd with studs of gold, Two feet support it, and four handles hold; On each bright handle, bending o'er the brink, In sculptured gold, two turtles seem to drink: A massy weight, yet heaved with ease by him, When the brisk nectar overlook'd the brim.
our extended reign,226 Where Xanthus' streams enrich the Lycian plain, Our numerous herds that range the fruitful field, And hills where vines their purple harvest yield, Our foaming bowls with purer nectar crown'd, Our feasts enhanced with music's sprightly sound?
There sat the powers in awful synod placed; They bow'd, and made obeisance as she pass'd Through all the brazen dome: with goblets crown'd239 They hail her queen; the nectar streams around.
Go thou, the feasts of heaven attend thy call; Bid the crown'd nectar circle round the hall: But Jove shall thunder through the ethereal dome Such stern decrees, such threaten'd woes to come, As soon shall freeze mankind with dire surprise, And damp the eternal banquets of the skies."
So swift through ether the shrill harpy springs, The wide air floating to her ample wings, To great Achilles she her flight address'd, And pour'd divine ambrosia in his breast,259 With nectar sweet, (refection of the gods!)
Brings nectar temper'd with ambrosial dews."

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