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nicht not
auch nicht not ... either
darauf kannst du lange warten not on your nelly
den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen not to see the wood for the trees
eigentlich nicht not really
ein Morgenmuffel sein not to be in form in the morning {v}
ein Morgenmuffel sein not to be able to get going in the morning {v}
entfällt (in Formularen) not applicable (n/a)
erst als not until
erst als not before
erst als not till
erst nach der Vorstellung not until after the performance
erst wenn not until
erst wenn not before
erst wenn not till
es herrscht Totenstille not a sound is to be heard
etw.etwas nicht übers Herz bringen not to have the heart to do sth.something
etwas auf die leichte Schulter nehmen not to take something seriously enough
feuerfest (brennt nicht mit Flamme unter festgelegten Bedingungen not flammable
feuerfest (brennt nicht mit Flamme unter festgelegten Bedingungen not inflammable
feuerfest (brennt nicht mit Flamme unter festgelegten Bedingungen not combustible

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“Do you not want to know who has taken it?”
I certainly have had my share of beauty, but I do not pretend to be anything extraordinary now.
“In such cases, a woman has not often much beauty to think of.”
Lizzy is not a bit better than the others; and I am sure she is not half so handsome as Jane, nor half so good-humoured as Lydia.
“Ah, you do not know what I suffer.”
“It will be no use to us, if twenty such should come, since you will not visit them.”
He had always intended to visit him, though to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go; and till the evening after the visit was paid she had no knowledge of it.
“We are not in a way to know what Mr. Bingley likes,” said her mother resentfully, “since we are not to visit.”
“I do not believe Mrs. Long will do any such thing.
“No more have I,” said Mr. Bennet; “and I am glad to find that you do not depend on her serving you.”

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