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Deutsch Englisch
angesehen notably
beachtenswert {adv.} notably
bedeutend notably
bekannt notably
bemerkenswert notably
ganz besonders notably


This terrible secret society was formed by some ex-Confederate soldiers in the Southern states after the Civil War, and it rapidly formed local branches in different parts of the country, notably in Tennessee, Louisiana, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.
The master’s arm performed until it was tired and the stock of switches notably diminished.
Struggle for life is the law of existence but but human philirenists, notably the tsar and the king of England, have invented arbitration.
And surely, he said, this occurs notably in the case of one; for we see the same thing to be both one and infinite in multitude?
This is what they discovered: This Champmathieu had been, thirty years ago, a pruner of trees in various localities, notably at Faverolles.
CHAPTER II—FAUCHELEVENT IN THE PRESENCE OF A DIFFICULTY It is the peculiarity of certain persons and certain professions, notably priests and nuns, to wear a grave and agitated air on critical occasions.
To roam thoughtfully about, that is to say, to lounge, is a fine employment of time in the eyes of the philosopher; particularly in that rather illegitimate species of campaign, which is tolerably ugly but odd and composed of two natures, which surrounds certain great cities, notably Paris.
Certain joyous and magnificent trains, notably that of the Bœuf Gras, had the same privilege.
And so it is, truly; and very notably discharg'd.
p. 95)] s [ It must be admitted, however, that the depreciation which has taken place in the value of tobacco, during the last fifty years, has notably diminished the opulence of the Southern planters: but this circumstance is as independent of the will of their Northern brethren as it is of their own.]

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