Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: oasis

Oase {f}Femininum (die) [geogr.] (in der Wüste)
Oasis (eine englische Rockband)
L.E.G.I.O.N. - Höllentor Sahara (ein tschechoslowakisch-sowjetischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973)


The oasis of the Otrádnoe covert came in sight a few hundred yards off, the huntsmen were already nearing it.
His body seemed to acquire an airy lightness, his perception brightened in a remarkable manner, his senses seemed to redouble their power, the horizon continued to expand; but it was not the gloomy horizon of vague alarms, and which he had seen before he slept, but a blue, transparent, unbounded horizon, with all the blue of the ocean, all the spangles of the sun, all the perfumes of the summer breeze; then, in the midst of the songs of his sailors,—songs so clear and sonorous, that they would have made a divine harmony had their notes been taken down,—he saw the Island of Monte Cristo, no longer as a threatening rock in the midst of the waves, but as an oasis in the desert; then, as his boat drew nearer, the songs became louder, for an enchanting and mysterious harmony rose to heaven, as if some Loreley had decreed to attract a soul thither, or Amphion, the enchanter, intended there to build a city.
[244] Palmyra, a ruined city of Asia situated in an oasis of the Syrian desert, supposed to be the Tadmor built by Solomon in the wilderness (II.
I would wish them to seek out for me, in the details I am about to give, some little oasis of fatality amid a wilderness of error.
He pointed to an oasis of blackish green in the huge half-mown wet meadow that stretched along the right bank of the river.

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Deutsch Englisch
Oasis (eine englische Rockband) Oasis
Die Oasen von Sidi Msid (ein italienischer Kurzfilm aus dem Jahr 1909) The Oasis of Sidi Maid
antarktische Oase {f} [geogr.] Antarctic oasis
Oase der Ruhe {f} [fig.] oasis of calm
Schirmacher-Oase {f} [geogr.] Schirmacher Oasis
Oase {f} [geogr.] (in der Wüste) oasis
Wellness-Oase {f} wellness oasis
Steueroase {f} [fin., ugs.] tax oasis
Wellnessoase {f} wellness oasis
Wellneß-Oase {f} [alte Orthogr.] wellness oasis