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Menschenfresser {m}Maskulinum (der) (im Märchen) ogre
Monster {n}Neutrum (das) ogre
(Menschen fressendes) Ungeheuer {n}Neutrum (das) ogre
Scheusal {n}Neutrum (das) ogre
Schreckgespenst {n}Neutrum (das) (fig.) ogre
Oger {m}Maskulinum (der) (im Märchen: Menschen fressendes Ungeheuer) ogre
Menschen fressende Bestie {f}Femininum (die) ogre


“Do you suppose I eat like an ogre or a ghoul, that you dread being the companion of my repast?”
Scrooge was the Ogre of the family.
From that moment forth, all was over; the Ogre of Corsica,—the usurper,—the tyrant,—the monster who was the lover of his own sisters,—the actor who took lessons of Talma,—the poisoner of Jaffa,—the tiger,—Buonaparte,—all this vanished, and gave place in his mind to a vague and brilliant radiance in which shone, at an inaccessible height, the pale marble phantom of Cæsar.
The Corsican Ogre Chapter 12.
“Has the Corsican ogre broken loose?”
The Corsican Ogre A t the sight of this agitation Louis XVIII.
“Ah, ha,” cried Danglars, “this fellow is more like an ogre than anything else; however, I am rather too old and tough to be very good eating!”
"Their hearts sank as they heard me, for they remembered how they had been treated by the Laestrygonian Antiphates, and by the savage ogre Polyphemus.

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