Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: on duty

i.D. : im Dienst
Dienst habend
Dienst tuend
Dienst schiebend [ugs.]
dienstschiebend [ugs.]


Here is the account: “ ‘Between nine and ten last night Police-Constable Cook, of the H Division, on duty near Waterloo Bridge, heard a cry for help and a splash in the water.
The coastguard on duty at once made report, and one old fisherman, who for more than half a century has kept watch on weather signs from the East Cliff, foretold in an emphatic manner the coming of a sudden storm.
Thus the coastguard on duty on the eastern side of the harbour, who at once ran down to the little pier, was the first to climb on board.
This morning the man on duty reported to me that a little after midnight he was restless and kept saying his prayers somewhat loudly.
Dr. Seward asked the attendant who was on duty in the passage if he had heard anything.
With his straw in his mouth, Mr. Cruncher sat watching the two streams, like the heathen rustic who has for several centuries been on duty watching one stream—saving that Jerry had no expectation of their ever running dry.
I go on duty soon, and can’t overstay my time.
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He may keep me on duty every day, or may place me under arrest, but no one can make me apologize, because if he, as commander of this regiment, thinks it beneath his dignity to give me satisfaction, then...” “You just wait a moment, my dear fellow, and listen,” interrupted the staff captain in his deep bass, calmly stroking his long mustache.
You are offended at being put on duty a bit, but why not apologize to an old and honorable officer?

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Heavy-Duty-Gasturbine {f} heavy-duty gas turbine
10-8: Officers on Duty (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) 10-8: Officers on Duty [original title]
10-8: Officers on Duty (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) 10-8: Police Patrol [Br.] [promotional title]
Steuer {f} auf Tabak [fin.] duty on tobacco
zollfrei free of duty
Über die Pflicht zum Ungehorsam gegen den Staat [lit.] On the Duty of Civil Disobedience [recent title] [lit.] (Henry David Thoreau)
Arbeitspunkt {m} (von technischen Systemen) duty point
Streifenpolizistin {f} policewoman on patrol duty
Verbrauchssteuer {f} (auf inländische Waren) [fin.] excise duty [Am.]
Bereitschaftsarzt {m} doctor on duty