Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: on the premises

an Ort und Stelle
auf dem Grundstück
i.H. : im Hause
im Lokal


But it didn’t matter much, because they was still on the premises somewheres.
The removal of nocturnal solitude, the superior quality of human (mature female) to inhuman (hotwaterjar) calefaction, the stimulation of matutinal contact, the economy of mangling done on the premises in the case of trousers accurately folded and placed lengthwise between the spring mattress (striped) and the woollen mattress (biscuit section).
An old man belonging to Colonel Lloyd, while thus engaged, happened to get beyond the limits of Colonel Lloyd's, and on the premises of Mr. Beal Bondly.
With the customary infirmity of temper that characterizes this unhappy fowl, she appears by the fierceness of her beak and eye, and the general truculency of her attitude, to threaten mischief to the inoffensive community; and especially to warn all citizens careful of their safety against intruding on the premises which she overshadows with her wings.
The rest of this letter gave a list of George’s school studies, each one headed by a flourishing capital; and also told the names of four new colts that appeared on the premises since Tom left; and stated, in the same connection, that father and mother were well.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
an Ort und Stelle on the premises
gewerblich genutzte Räume business premises
in ein Grundstück {n} einfahren to get in premises (Br.)
Ladenlokal {n} premises
Bahnhofsanlagen {pl} station premises
auf dem Grundstück on the premises
gewerbliche Räume business premises
in Hinsicht auf das eben Erwähnte in these premises
Unterrichtsräumlichkeiten {pl} classroom premises
frei unsere Geschäftsräume [ökon.] franco to our premises