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andere others
Sonstige {pl}Plural (die) others
Sonstige (Überschrift) Others
andere sagen, dass ... others say that ...
die anderen sagen, dass ... others say that ...
die Anderen sagen, dass ... others say that ...


“If I can but see one of my daughters happily settled at Netherfield,” said Mrs. Bennet to her husband, “and all the others equally well married, I shall have nothing to wish for.”
Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”
To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying.
I cannot forget the follies and vices of others so soon as I ought, nor their offenses against myself.
“I am far from attributing any part of Mr. Bingley’s conduct to design,” said Elizabeth; “but without scheming to do wrong, or to make others unhappy, there may be error, and there may be misery.
At length there was nothing more to be said; the ladies drove on, and the others returned into the house.
Her favourite walk, and where she frequently went while the others were calling on Lady Catherine, was along the open grove which edged that side of the park, where there was a nice sheltered path, which no one seemed to value but herself, and where she felt beyond the reach of Lady Catherine’s curiosity.
It is only that he has better means of having it than many others, because he is rich, and many others are poor.
His resentment was in proportion to the distress of his circumstances—and he was doubtless as violent in his abuse of me to others as in his reproaches to myself.
Chapter 38 On Saturday morning Elizabeth and Mr. Collins met for breakfast a few minutes before the others appeared; and he took the opportunity of paying the parting civilities which he deemed indispensably necessary.

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