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unser our
unseren our
Echtes Labkraut {n}Neutrum (das) (Galium verum) Our Lady's bedstraw
Es geht uns primär darum, dass ... Our main concern is that ...
Maria de Mercede Our Lady of Ransom
Maria Dolores Our Lady of Sorrows
Maria Hilf Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Maria Hilf Our Lady, Help of Christians
Mercedes {f}Femininum (die) Our Lady of Ransom
Pietà {f}Femininum (die) Our Lady of Pity
Unser Lagerbestand geht zur Neige. Our stock is running short.
unsere aktuelle Preisliste our latest price list
Unsere Pläne sind über den Haufen geworfen worden. Our plans have been upset.
Unsere Produkte finden guten Absatz. Our products meet with a ready market.
Unsere Produktion kann der Nachfrage nicht nachkommen. Our production cannot cope with the demand.
unseresgleichen our equals
die / unsere Königin (Titulierung) our sovereign lady
Unser gemeinsamer Freund [lit.] Our Mutual Friend [lit.] (Charles Dickens)
unsereine [ugs.] our sort
unsereiner [ugs.] our sort
unsereins [ugs.] our sort
Vaterunser {n}Neutrum (das) [relig.] Our Father

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What a fine thing for our girls!”
At our time of life it is not so pleasant, I can tell you, to be making new acquaintances every day; but for your sakes, we would do anything.
Mr. Robinson’s asking him how he liked our Meryton assemblies, and whether he did not think there were a great many pretty women in the room, and which he thought the prettiest?
Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”
I had hoped that our sentiments coincided in every particular, but I must so far differ from you as to think our two youngest daughters uncommonly foolish.”
When they get to our age, I dare say they will not think about officers any more than we do.
“MY DEAR FRIEND,— “If you are not so compassionate as to dine to-day with Louisa and me, we shall be in danger of hating each other for the rest of our lives, for a whole day’s tete-a-tete between two women can never end without a quarrel.
Not that I think Charlotte so very plain—but then she is our particular friend.”
Mr. Darcy felt their rudeness, and immediately said: “This walk is not wide enough for our party.
“Not at all,” was her answer; “but depend upon it, he means to be severe on us, and our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask nothing about it.”

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