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Deutsch Englisch
aus over
herüber (rüber) over
hinüber over
über over
übermäßig over
vorbei over
vorüber over
Miranda [lit.] Over [lit.] (Margaret Foster)
auf der anderen Straßenseite over the way (Br.)British English
außerdem over and above
darüber over it
drüben over there
gegenüber over the way
herüber over here
im Laufe (+gen), im Verlauf (+gen), im Zuge (+gen) over the course of
im Radio over the radio
im Zeitablauf over a specific period of time
immer wieder over and over
immer wieder over and over again
nochmals over again
nur über meine Leiche! over my dead body!
Overhead-Projektor {m}Maskulinum (der) over head projector
Overheadprojektor {m}Maskulinum (der) over head projector
Tageslicht-Projektor {m}Maskulinum (der) over head projector
Tageslichtprojektor {m}Maskulinum (der) over head projector
über (+akk) hinaus over and above
über Stock und Stein over rough and smooth
Überbrustkorsett {n}Neutrum (das) over bust corset

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When a woman has five grown-up daughters, she ought to give over thinking of her own beauty.”
“But I hope you will get over it, and live to see many young men of four thousand a year come into the neighbourhood.”
The girls grieved over such a number of ladies, but were comforted the day before the ball by hearing, that instead of twelve he brought only six with him from London—his five sisters and a cousin.
That the Miss Lucases and the Miss Bennets should meet to talk over a ball was absolutely necessary; and the morning after the assembly brought the former to Longbourn to hear and to communicate.
The village of Longbourn was only one mile from Meryton; a most convenient distance for the young ladies, who were usually tempted thither three or four times a week, to pay their duty to their aunt and to a milliner’s shop just over the way.
Breakfast was scarcely over when a servant from Netherfield brought the following note for Elizabeth: “MY DEAREST LIZZY,— “I find myself very unwell this morning, which, I suppose, is to be imputed to my getting wet through yesterday.
In Meryton they parted; the two youngest repaired to the lodgings of one of the officers’ wives, and Elizabeth continued her walk alone, crossing field after field at a quick pace, jumping over stiles and springing over puddles with impatient activity, and finding herself at last within view of the house, with weary ankles, dirty stockings, and a face glowing with the warmth of exercise.
When breakfast was over they were joined by the sisters; and Elizabeth began to like them herself, when she saw how much affection and solicitude they showed for Jane.
You have a sweet room here, Mr. Bingley, and a charming prospect over the gravel walk.
Mrs. Bennet, who fancied she had gained a complete victory over him, continued her triumph.

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