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Speisekammer {f}Femininum (die) pantry
Vorratskammer {f}Femininum (die) pantry
Pantry {f}Femininum (die) [naut.] (Kombüse einer Jacht) pantry
Pantry {f}Femininum (die) [naut.] (Anrichte oder kleine Küche an Bord eines Schiffs) pantry
Pantry {f}Femininum (die) [luftf.] (Bordküche) pantry
Bordküche {f}Femininum (die) [naut., luftf.] (einer Jacht, eines Flugzeugs) [naut., luftf.] pantry
Kombüse {f}Femininum (die) [naut.] (einer Jacht) pantry
Kammer {f}Femininum (die) (Speisekammer) pantry
Küche {f}Femininum (die) (an Bord einer Jacht oder eines Flugzeugs) pantry
Servierraum {m}Maskulinum (der) pantry
Imbissküche {f}Femininum (die) pantry [esp. Am.]
Imbißküche {f}Femininum (die) [alte orthogr.] pantry [esp. Am.]
(Kupferrote) Dörrobstmotte {f}Femininum (die) [zool.] pantry moth (Plodia interpunctella)
Kombüsenbrand {m}Maskulinum (der) [naut.] (auch einer Jacht) pantry fire


Other times he was not at all in the mood to look after his family, he was filled with simple rage about the lack of attention he was shown, and although he could think of nothing he would have wanted, he made plans of how he could get into the pantry where he could take all the things he was entitled to, even if he was not hungry.
Commonly, after seeing the harpooneers furnished with all things they demanded, he would escape from their clutches into his little pantry adjoining, and fearfully peep out at them through the blinds of its door, till all was over.
Night I went down to the pantry in the kitchen.
But one evening, says Mr Dixon, when the lord Harry was cleaning his royal pelt to go to dinner after winning a boatrace (he had spade oars for himself but the first rule of the course was that the others were to row with pitchforks) he discovered in himself a wonderful likeness to a bull and on picking up a blackthumbed chapbook that he kept in the pantry he found sure enough that he was a lefthanded descendant of the famous champion bull of the Romans, Bos Bovum, which is good bog Latin for boss of the show.
Sometimes on his way back from the anteroom he would pass through the conservatory and pantry into the large marble dining hall, where tables were being set out for eighty people; and looking at the footmen, who were bringing in silver and china, moving tables, and unfolding damask table linen, he would call Dmítri Vasílevich, a man of good family and the manager of all his affairs, and while looking with pleasure at the enormous table would say: “Well, Dmítri, you’ll see that things are all as they should be?
On her way past the butler’s pantry she told them to set a samovar, though it was not at all the time for tea.
She sat behind the bookcase with her eyes fixed on a streak of light escaping from the pantry door and listened to herself and pondered.
Sónya passed to the pantry with a glass in her hand.
Natásha glanced at her and at the crack in the pantry door, and it seemed to her that she remembered the light falling through that crack once before and Sónya passing with a glass in her hand.
On the last flight of stairs he passed Jack Mooney who was coming up from the pantry nursing two bottles of Bass.

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