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> Heroin {n}Neutrum (das) in Faltbriefchen > papers [sl.]
Papiere {pl}Plural (die) (amtliche Dokumente, Belege [Urkunden, Ausweis-, Legitimations-, Versandpapiere etc.]) papers
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Stücke Papier [Löschblätter etc.]) papers
Blätter {pl}Plural (die) (Schriftstücke, Zeitungen) papers
Papiere {pl}Plural (die) (bez. Beschäftigungsverhältnis [Unterlagen]) (employment) papers
Schriftstücke {pl}Plural (die) papers
Unterlagen {pl}Plural (die) (Schriftstücke) papers
Papiere {pl}Plural (die) [fin.] (Wertpapiere) papers
abgegebene Stimmen {pl}Plural (die) (voting) papers counted (Br.)British English


R.W. Letter 4 August 5th, 17— To Mrs. Saville, England So strange an accident has happened to us that I cannot forbear recording it, although it is very probable that you will see me before these papers can come into your possession.
By some papers of her father which fell into her hands she heard of the exile of her lover and learnt the name of the spot where he then resided.
Soon after my arrival in the hovel I discovered some papers in the pocket of the dress which I had taken from your laboratory.
You minutely described in these papers every step you took in the progress of your work; this history was mingled with accounts of domestic occurrences.
I learned from your papers that you were my father, my creator; and to whom could I apply with more fitness than to him who had given me life?
I suppose some astonishment was exhibited in my countenance, for Mr. Kirwin hastened to say, "Immediately upon your being taken ill, all the papers that were on your person were brought me, and I examined them that I might discover some trace by which I could send to your relations an account of your misfortune and illness.
September 5th A scene has just passed of such uncommon interest that, although it is highly probable that these papers may never reach you, yet I cannot forbear recording it.
--I will sing for you, dance for you--[HELMER comes in with some papers under his arm.]
Helmer [getting up and putting his papers in order].
Just recall to your mind what these malicious creatures wrote in the papers about papa, and how horribly they slandered him.

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