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Parteien {pl}Plural (die) parties
Teile {pl}Plural (die) parties
Trupps {pl}Plural (die) (Arbeiter) parties
Trupps {pl}Plural (die) (Einsatzkräfte, Soldaten) parties
Verhandlungspartner {pl}Plural (die) parties to a deal
Vertragsparteien {pl}Plural (die) parties to a contract
Akkreditivparteien {pl}Plural (die) [fin.] parties to a letter of credit


If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least.
I will only say farther that from what passed that evening, my opinion of all parties was confirmed, and every inducement heightened which could have led me before, to preserve my friend from what I esteemed a most unhappy connection.
With such kinds of histories of their parties and good jokes, did Lydia, assisted by Kitty’s hints and additions, endeavour to amuse her companions all the way to Longbourn.
Here was knowledge in which no one could partake; and she was sensible that nothing less than a perfect understanding between the parties could justify her in throwing off this last encumbrance of mystery.
Their parties abroad were less varied than before, and at home she had a mother and sister whose constant repinings at the dullness of everything around them threw a real gloom over their domestic circle; and, though Kitty might in time regain her natural degree of sense, since the disturbers of her brain were removed, her other sister, from whose disposition greater evil might be apprehended, was likely to be hardened in all her folly and assurance by a situation of such double danger as a watering-place and a camp.
The beginning contained an account of all their little parties and engagements, with such news as the country afforded; but the latter half, which was dated a day later, and written in evident agitation, gave more important intelligence.
No one but Mrs. Bennet regretted that their stay would be so short; and she made the most of the time by visiting about with her daughter, and having very frequent parties at home.
These parties were acceptable to all; to avoid a family circle was even more desirable to such as did think, than such as did not.
After having landed, they proceeded to search the country, parties going in different directions among the woods and vines.
In all our hunting parties and adventures in different parts of the world, Quincey Morris had always been the one to arrange the plan of action, and Arthur and I had been accustomed to obey him implicitly.

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