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Patienten {pl}Plural (die) patients
Arthrosepatienten {pl}Plural (die) [med.] patients suffering from arthrosis


All my patients are like that.
Could your patients spare you for a few hours?”
My practice had steadily increased, and as I happened to live at no very great distance from Paddington Station, I got a few patients from among the officials.
I seemed to wish to keep him to the point of his madness—a thing which I avoid with the patients as I would the mouth of hell.
The attendant tells me that his screams whilst in the paroxysm were really appalling; I found my hands full when I got in, attending to some of the other patients who were frightened by him.
Doctor Manette received such patients here as his old reputation, and its revival in the floating whispers of his story, brought him.
Doctors who made great fortunes out of dainty remedies for imaginary disorders that never existed, smiled upon their courtly patients in the ante-chambers of Monseigneur.
“‘Monsieur,’ said I, ‘in my profession, the communications of patients are always received in confidence.’
I had a couple of patients with the chills, and of course I’d of liked to run up to town and see them, but I dasn’t, because the nigger might get away, and then I’d be to blame; and yet never a skiff come close enough for me to hail.
The doctor who attended Pierre and visited him every day, though he considered it his duty as a doctor to pose as a man whose every moment was of value to suffering humanity, would sit for hours with Pierre telling him his favorite anecdotes and his observations on the characters of his patients in general, and especially of the ladies.

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