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Deutsch Englisch
zahlbar payable
bauwürdig payable
abbauwürdig payable
zuteilungsreif {adj.} [fin.] (Bausparvertrag) payable
zahlbar bis zum payable by
abbauwürdige Lagerstätte {f}Femininum (die) payable deposit
bauwürdige Lagerstätte {f}Femininum (die) payable deposit


There was, indeed, little or no money at that time in the office, and therefore I propos'd that the orders should be payable in a year, and to bear an interest of five per cent.
“Just so; and now here are 32,500 francs payable shortly; they are all signed by you, and assigned to our house by the holders.”
And with these words Monte Cristo took from his pocket a small case containing his visiting-cards, and drew forth two orders on the treasury for 500,000 francs each, payable at sight to the bearer.
In order that you may not doubt the kind intention of the writer of this letter, you will find enclosed an order for 2,400 francs, payable in Florence, at Signor Gozzi’s; also a letter of introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, on whom I give you a draft of 48,000 francs.
I enclose a draft for 5,000 livres, payable on M. Ferrea, banker at Nice, and also a letter of introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, whom I have directed to supply all your wants.
I draw upon him for 600,000 francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, I hold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000 francs, payable at his correspondent’s in Paris at the end of this month.
“Excellent; he presented himself this morning with a bond of 40,000 francs, payable at sight, on you, signed by Busoni, and returned by you to me, with your endorsement—of course, I immediately counted him over the forty bank-notes.”
“No,” said Danglars, smiling, “they are bonds on the bank of France, payable to bearer.
“It is really wonderful,” said the count; “above all, if, as I suppose, it is payable at sight.”
“What, though payable at Rome?”

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