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Deutsch Englisch
bezahlend paying
abmusternd paying off
achtgebend paying attention
anzahlend paying on account
ausbadend paying for
besoldend paying a salary
einzahlend paying in
heimzahlend paying back
nachbezahlend paying the rest
zuzahlend paying in addition
bei auszahlender Bank anfallende Steuer {f}Femininum (die) [fin.] paying party tax
Zahlungsmoral {f}Femininum (die) paying habits
Abtrag {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] (Tilgung) paying off
Zahlungsgewohnheit {f}Femininum (die) paying habit
Zahlungsverhalten {n}Neutrum (das) paying habits
Zahlungseinstellung {f}Femininum (die) paying habits


He began to feel the danger of paying Elizabeth too much attention.
Accept my thanks for the compliment you are paying me.
Mrs. Bennet wished to understand by it that he thought of paying his addresses to one of her younger girls, and Mary might have been prevailed on to accept him.
Chapter 38 On Saturday morning Elizabeth and Mr. Collins met for breakfast a few minutes before the others appeared; and he took the opportunity of paying the parting civilities which he deemed indispensably necessary.
I shall depart for the latter town in a fortnight or three weeks; and my intention is to hire a ship there, which can easily be done by paying the insurance for the owner, and to engage as many sailors as I think necessary among those who are accustomed to the whale-fishing.
Well, haven't I been paying it off regularly?
Oh well, one can't have anything in this life without paying for it.
It is in New Zealand stock, paying 4½ per cent.
The most lay silent, but some muttered to themselves, and others talked together in a strange, low, monotonous voice, their conversation coming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, each mumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words of his neighbour.
“Last week he hurled the local blacksmith over a parapet into a stream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I could gather together that I was able to avert another public exposure.

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