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Philosophie {f}Femininum (die) philosophy
Weltanschauung {f}Femininum (die) philosophy (of life)
Lehre {f}Femininum (die) (Philosophie) philosophy
Lebensanschauung {f}Femininum (die) (Philosophie) philosophy
Lebensauffassung {f}Femininum (die) (Philosophie) philosophy
Rechtsphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [jur., philos.] philosophy of law
Sprachphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [ling., philos.] philosophy of language
Geschichtsphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [hist., philos.] philosophy of history
Lebensphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) philosophy of life
Lebensanschauung {f}Femininum (die) (Philosophie) philosophy of life
Lebensauffassung {f}Femininum (die) (Philosophie) philosophy of life
Naturphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) philosophy of biology
Philosophieprofessor {m}Maskulinum (der) philosophy professor
Philosophieprofessorin {f}Femininum (die) philosophy professor
Philosphieprofessor {m}Maskulinum (der) philosophy professor
Philosphie-Professor {m}Maskulinum (der) philosophy professor
Philosphieprofessorin {f}Femininum (die) philosophy professor
Philosphie-Professorin {f}Femininum (die) philosophy professor
Wirtschaftsphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [ökon., philos.] philosophy of economics
Kunstphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [philos.] philosophy of art
Philosophie {f}Femininum (die) der Kunst [philos.] philosophy of art
Bewusstseinsphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [philos.] philosophy of consciousness
Bewußtseinsphilosophie {f}Femininum (die) [alte Orthogr.] [philos.] philosophy of consciousness
Philosophie {f}Femininum (die) des Bewusstseins [philos.] philosophy of consciousness
Philosophie {f}Femininum (die) des Bewußtseins [alte Orthogr.] [philos.] philosophy of consciousness

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“I cannot give you credit for any philosophy of the kind.
He bore with philosophy the conviction that Elizabeth must now become acquainted with whatever of his ingratitude and falsehood had before been unknown to her; and in spite of every thing, was not wholly without hope that Darcy might yet be prevailed on to make his fortune.
Natural philosophy is the genius that has regulated my fate; I desire, therefore, in this narration, to state those facts which led to my predilection for that science.
Those of his successors in each branch of natural philosophy with whom I was acquainted appeared even to my boy's apprehensions as tyros engaged in the same pursuit.
On this occasion a man of great research in natural philosophy was with us, and excited by this catastrophe, he entered on the explanation of a theory which he had formed on the subject of electricity and galvanism, which was at once new and astonishing to me.
So saying, he stepped aside and wrote down a list of several books treating of natural philosophy which he desired me to procure, and dismissed me after mentioning that in the beginning of the following week he intended to commence a course of lectures upon natural philosophy in its general relations, and that M. Waldman, a fellow professor, would lecture upon chemistry the alternate days that he omitted.
Chemistry is that branch of natural philosophy in which the greatest improvements have been and may be made; it is on that account that I have made it my peculiar study; but at the same time, I have not neglected the other branches of science.
When I had arrived at this point and had become as well acquainted with the theory and practice of natural philosophy as depended on the lessons of any of the professors at Ingolstadt, my residence there being no longer conducive to my improvements, I thought of returning to my friends and my native town, when an incident happened that protracted my stay.
I revolved these circumstances in my mind and determined thenceforth to apply myself more particularly to those branches of natural philosophy which relate to physiology.
It requires more philosophy than I possess to bear this injustice with patience.

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