Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: pickled

gebeizt (Metall, Saatgut oder Tabak)
Essig {m}Maskulinum (der)
dekapiert {adj.} [met.]
(in Essig) eingelegt [gastr.]
eingelegt (gepökelt)
abgebeizt (Metall)
mariniert {adj.}
gesalzen (gepökelt)
gesäuert [gastr.] (Gemüse)
eingesäuert [gastr.] (Gemüse)
abgelaugt (Holz)
sauer eingelegt [gastr.]
gepickelt [Gerberei]


However, the masts did not go overboard; and by and by we scrambled down, so sober, that we had to pass the flip again, though the savage salt spray bursting down the forecastle scuttle, rather too much diluted and pickled it to my taste.
Like pickled pork.
Peter Piper pecked a peck of pick of peck of pickled pepper.
On the tray was a bottle of herb wine, different kinds of vodka, pickled mushrooms, rye cakes made with buttermilk, honey in the comb, still mead and sparkling mead, apples, nuts (raw and roasted), and nut-and-honey sweets.
Just as “Uncle’s” pickled mushrooms, honey, and cherry brandy had seemed to her the best in the world, so also that song, at that moment, seemed to her the acme of musical delight.
We were to have a superb dinner, consisting of a leg of pickled pork and greens, and a pair of roast stuffed fowls.
Foraging about, I found a bottle with some brandy left, for Hands; and for myself I routed out some biscuit, some pickled fruits, a great bunch of raisins, and a piece of cheese.
The Wandle, the Mole, every little stream, was a heaped mass of red weed, in appearance between butcher's meat and pickled cabbage.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
sich vollaufen lassen [alte Orthogr.] [ugs.] (sich betrinken) get pickled {v} [coll.]
abgebeiztes Blech {n} pickled sheet
gebeiztes Saatgut {n} pickled seed
Fischkonserve {f} pickled fish
Senfgurken {pl} gherkins pickled with mustard seeds
Sauerkrautfabrik {f} pickled cabbage factory
saurer Hering {m} [gastr.] pickled herring
voll [ugs.] (betrunken) pickled [coll.]
eingelegt (gepökelt) pickled
sauer eingelegt [gastr.] pickled