Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: pitted

pockennarbig [med.]
narbig [med.] (durch Pocken) [med.]
(durch Pocken) vernarbt [med.]


Very orderly and methodical he looked, with a hand on each knee, and a loud watch ticking a sonorous sermon under his flapped waist-coat, as though it pitted its gravity and longevity against the levity and evanescence of the brisk fire.
I am not fit to be pitted against you to-night.
That intangible malignity which has been from the beginning; to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds; which the ancient Ophites of the east reverenced in their statue devil;—Ahab did not fall down and worship it like them; but deliriously transferring its idea to the abhorred white whale, he pitted himself, all mutilated, against it.
Looking farther, I was surprised to find that the chips were covered with such combatants, that it was not a duellum, but a bellum, a war between two races of ants, the red always pitted against the black, and frequently two red ones to one black.
The boy I love, the same becomes a man not through derived power, but in his own right, Wicked rather than virtuous out of conformity or fear, Fond of his sweetheart, relishing well his steak, Unrequited love or a slight cutting him worse than sharp steel cuts, First-rate to ride, to fight, to hit the bull's eye, to sail a skiff, to sing a song or play on the banjo, Preferring scars and the beard and faces pitted with small-pox over all latherers, And those well-tann'd to those that keep out of the sun.
The late king of Prussia was more than once pitted against his imperial sovereign; and commonly proved an overmatch for him.
How well I remember his long saturnine face, slightly pitted with smallpox, and his chestnut wig.
he touched her breasts, first lightly, when the glossy smoothness of the skin eluded his hand, and made it slip along the surface; he pressed them, and the springy flesh that filled them, thus pitted by force, rose again reboundingly with his hand, and on the instant defaced the pressure: and alike indeed was the consistence of all those parts of her body throughout, where the fulness of flesh compacts and constitutes all that fine firmness which the touch is so highly attached to.
Secutoriani (a word coined by C.), the Sececutores, light-armed gladiators, who were pitted against others with net and trident.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
vernarbt sein be pitted {v}
(bes. durch Pocken) vernarbtes Gesicht {n} pitted face
Tüpfelnägel {pl} [med.] pitted nails
Grübchennägel {pl} [med.] pitted nails
pockennarbig [med.] pitted
narbig [med.] (durch Pocken) [med.] pitted
(durch Pocken) vernarbt [med.] pitted
narbiges Gesicht {n} (bes. durch Pocken) pitted face
Narbengesicht {n} (bes. durch Pocken) pitted face