Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: plough

Pflug {m}Maskulinum (der)
Hobel {m}Maskulinum (der) (Bergbaumaschine)


There was a ridge of ploughed land, with a plough upon it where it had been left last night when the horses were unyoked; beyond, a quiet coppice-wood, in which many leaves of burning red and golden yellow still remained upon the trees.
As the sombre wheels of the six carts go round, they seem to plough up a long crooked furrow among the populace in the streets.
The ridges thrown to this side and to that, now crumble in and close behind the last plough as it passes on, for all are following to the Guillotine.
—It now remains We launch a bark to plough the watery plains, [pg 007] And waft the sacrifice to Chrysa's shores, With chosen pilots, and with labouring oars.
Full fifty ships they send, and each conveys Twice sixty warriors through the foaming seas.102 To these succeed Aspledon's martial train, Who plough the spacious Orchomenian plain.
These by the brave Euryalus were led, Great Sthenelus, and greater Diomed; But chief Tydides bore the sovereign sway: In fourscore barks they plough the watery way.
If, by Paris slain, Great Menelaus press the fatal plain; The dame and treasures let the Trojan keep, And Greece returning plough the watery deep.
"Here was a corn field; reapers in a row, Each with a sharp-tooth'd sickle in his hand, Work'd busily, and, as the harvest fell, Others were ready still to bind the sheaves: Yoked to a wain that bore the corn away The steers were moving; sturdy bullocks here The plough were drawing, and the furrow'd glebe Was black behind them, while with goading wand The active youths impell'd them.
Then more than four citizens will be required; for the husbandman will not make his own plough or mattock, or other implements of agriculture, if they are to be good for anything.
Yet even if we add neatherds, shepherds, and other herdsmen, in order that our husbandmen may have oxen to plough with, and builders as well as husbandmen may have draught cattle, and curriers and weavers fleeces and hides,—still our State will not be very large.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Anbau-Scheibenpflug {m} [agr.-tech.] mounted disc plough [Br.]
Hochleistungsschneefräse {f} (auch Schneeschleuder) high-performance rotary snow plough [Br.]
Schälpflug {m} [agr.-tech.] (Schar-Schälpflug) skimmer plough [Br.]
Wingertpflug {m} [landsch., selten] [agr.-tech.] vineyard plough [Br.]
Ackerland {n} (pflügbar) plough land (Br.) (coll.)
sich vergeblich anstrengen to plough the sands {v} [fig.]
Anbauscheibenschälpflug {m} [agr.-tech.] mounted disc plough [Br.]
Beettiefpflug {m} conventional deep digger plough (Br.)
Einscharpflug {m} one-body plough (Br.)
Grenzpflug {m} end-rig plough (Br.)