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Druck {m}Maskulinum (der) printing
drucken printing
druckend printing
Berater für Druckangelegenheiten printing consultant
Buchdruckerei {f}Femininum (die) printing office
Druckdichte {f}Femininum (die) printing density
Druckerei {f}Femininum (die) printing office
Druckerlaubnis {f}Femininum (die) printing licence
Druckerschwärze {f}Femininum (die) printing ink
Druckmaschine {f}Femininum (die) printing machine
Druckplatte {f}Femininum (die) [Drucktechnik] printing plate
Druckzylinder {m}Maskulinum (der) (einer Druckmaschine) printing cylinder
Erscheinungsort {m}Maskulinum (der) printing place
Gegendruckzylinder {m}Maskulinum (der) [Drucktechnik] printing cylinder
Gummituch {n}Neutrum (das) (von Offsetdruckmaschinen) printing blanket
Schwärze {f}Femininum (die) printing ink
Druckzeile {f}Femininum (die) printing line
Kopierlampe {f}Femininum (die) printing lamp
Druckkopf {m}Maskulinum (der) printing head
Druckkosten {pl}Plural (die) printing costs
Druckindustrie {f}Femininum (die) printing industry
Drucktechnik {f}Femininum (die) printing technology
Drucktechnologie {f}Femininum (die) printing technology

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We judged we could make miles enough that night to get out of the reach of the powwow we reckoned the duke’s work in the printing office was going to make in that little town; then we could boom right along if we wanted to.
He, B, enjoyed the distinction of being close to Erin’s uncrowned king in the flesh when the thing occurred on the historic fracas when the fallen leader’s, who notoriously stuck to his guns to the last drop even when clothed in the mantle of adultery, (leader’s) trusty henchmen to the number of ten or a dozen or possibly even more than that penetrated into the printing works of the Insuppressible or no it was United Ireland (a by no means by the by appropriate appellative) and broke up the typecases with hammers or something like that all on account of some scurrilous effusions from the facile pens of the O’Brienite scribes at the usual mudslinging occupation reflecting on the erstwhile tribune’s private morals.
If the aim was the dissemination of ideas, the printing press could have accomplished that much better than warfare.
He went on, however, with the undertaking, and after having worked in composing the types and printing off the sheets, I was employed to carry the papers thro' the streets to the customers.
Hearing their conversations, and their accounts of the approbation their papers were received with, I was excited to try my hand among them; but, being still a boy, and suspecting that my brother would object to printing anything of mine in his paper if he knew it to be mine, I contrived to disguise my hand, and, writing an anonymous paper, I put it in at night under the door of the printing-house.
Some proposed to evade the order by changing the name of the paper; but my brother, seeing inconveniences in that, it was finally concluded on as a better way, to let it be printed for the future under the name of Benjamin Franklin; and to avoid the censure of the Assembly, that might fall on him as still printing it by his apprentice, the contrivance was that my old indenture should be return'd to me, with a full discharge on the back of it, to be shown on occasion, but to secure to him the benefit of my service, I was to sign new indentures for the remainder of the term, which were to be kept private.
My printing this pamphlet was another erratum.
[42] The printing press at which Franklin worked is preserved in the Patent Office at Washington.
[43] Franklin now left the work of operating the printing presses, which was largely a matter of manual labor, and began setting type, which required more skill and intelligence.
[44] A printing house is called a chapel because Caxton, the first English printer, did his printing in a chapel connected with Westminster Abbey.

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