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Andruck {m}Maskulinum (der) [Drucktechnik] (final) proof
Beweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof
Korrekturbogen {m}Maskulinum (der) proof
Korrekturfahne {f}Femininum (die) proof
Nachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) (Beweis) proof
Probe {f}Femininum (die) proof
Probeabzug {m}Maskulinum (der) proof
Zeugnis {n}Neutrum (das) proof
Korrektur {f}Femininum (die) [typogr.] (Korrekturfahne) proof
dicht (undurchlässig, undurchdringbar [für Flüssigkeiten, Gas etc.]) proof
Beleg {m}Maskulinum (der) (Beweis) proof
sicher (beständig [gegenüber Beschuss, Feuer, Stößen, Strahlung etc.]) proof
sicher (ausbruchsicher) proof
sicher (krisensicher) proof
Fahne {f}Femininum (die) [typogr.] (Korrekturabzug) proof
Abzug {m}Maskulinum (der) [fot.] (Probeabzug) proof
Abzug {m}Maskulinum (der) [typogr.] (Probedruck) proof
Weinprobe [lit.] Proof [lit.] (Dick Francis)
Abnahmeprüfung {f}Femininum (die) proof test
Ahnenpass {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of ancestry
Andruckmaschine {f}Femininum (die) [Drucktechnik] proof printing machine
Andruckpresse {f}Femininum (die) [Drucktechnik] proof press
Anmeldenachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of registration
Ausführungs-Nachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of work
Identitätsnachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of identity
Legitimation {f}Femininum (die) proof of identity
Leistungsnachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of performance
Liebesbeweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of love
Liebesbezeigung {f}Femininum (die) [veraltet] (Liebesbeweis) proof of love
Liefernachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of delivery
Probebelastung {f}Femininum (die) proof load
Probedruck {m}Maskulinum (der) proof copy
Prüfsumme {f}Femininum (die) proof total
Schuldbeweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of (sb.'s) guilt
Vaterschaftsnachweis {m}Maskulinum (der) [jur.] proof of paternity
Wahrheitsbeweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of the truth
Ehefähigkeitszeugnis {n}Neutrum (das) proof of marriageability
Zahlungsbeweis {m}Maskulinum (der) proof of payment

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By many significant looks and silent entreaties, did she endeavour to prevent such a proof of complaisance, but in vain; Mary would not understand them; such an opportunity of exhibiting was delightful to her, and she began her song.
“It is a proof of your own attachment to Hertfordshire.
The extravagance and general profligacy which he scrupled not to lay at Mr. Wickham’s charge, exceedingly shocked her; the more so, as she could bring no proof of its injustice.
Her power was sinking; everything must sink under such a proof of family weakness, such an assurance of the deepest disgrace.
“In the first place,” replied Mr. Gardiner, “there is no absolute proof that they are not gone to Scotland.”
Under such circumstances, however, he was not likely to be proof against the temptation of immediate relief.
You must pardon me if I regard any interruption in your correspondence as a proof that your other duties are equally neglected."
The mere presence of the idea was an irresistible proof of the fact.
She was tranquil, yet her tranquillity was evidently constrained; and as her confusion had before been adduced as a proof of her guilt, she worked up her mind to an appearance of courage.
Several strange facts combined against her, which might have staggered anyone who had not such proof of her innocence as I had.

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