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Deutsch Englisch
echt properly
geeignet properly
genau properly
passend properly
richtig properly
anständig gekleidet properly dressed
passend gekleidet properly dressed
anständig angezogen {adj.} (bez. Kleidung) properly dressed
passend angezogen {adj.} (bez. Kleidung) properly dressed


“It is particularly incumbent on those who never change their opinion, to be secure of judging properly at first.”
The whole family, in short, were properly overjoyed on the occasion.
Young women should always be properly guarded and attended, according to their situation in life.
He did not judge your father to be a person whom he could so properly consult as your uncle, and therefore readily postponed seeing him till after the departure of the former.
I thought it my duty to give the speediest intelligence of this to my cousin, that she and her noble admirer may be aware of what they are about, and not run hastily into a marriage which has not been properly sanctioned.’
By you, I was properly humbled.
No, you have never properly understood me.
In the bosom of one of those spacious coves which indent the eastern shore of the Hudson, at that broad expansion of the river denominated by the ancient Dutch navigators the Tappan Zee, and where they always prudently shortened sail and implored the protection of St. Nicholas when they crossed, there lies a small market town or rural port, which by some is called Greensburgh, but which is more generally and properly known by the name of Tarry Town.
If we do not act properly and wisely, there may be an inquest, and that paper would have to be produced.
There has been a series of little circumstances which have thrown out all our calculations as to Lucy being properly watched.

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