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Psychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology
Seelenkunde {f}Femininum (die) psychology
Kriminalpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of crime
Sprachpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of language
Verkaufspsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of selling
Marketingpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of marketing
Lernpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of learning
Aussagepsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of evidence
Ausdruckspsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of expression
Religionspsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of religion
Glaubenspsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of religion
Musikpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of music
Handelspsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of trading
Absatzpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of marketing
Psychologie {f}Femininum (die) der Zahlen psychology of numbers
Zahlenpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of numbers
Farbpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of colors [esp. Am.]
Farbenpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of colors [esp. Am.]
Psychologie {f}Femininum (die) der Farben psychology of colors [esp. Am.]
Psychologie {f}Femininum (die) der Farben psychology of colours [esp. Br.]
Farbenpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of colours [esp. Br.]
Farbpsychologie {f}Femininum (die) psychology of colours [esp. Br.]

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He began to wonder whether we could ever make psychology so absolute a science that each little spring of life would be revealed to us.
He saw that there was no mood of the mind that had not its counterpart in the sensuous life, and set himself to discover their true relations, wondering what there was in frankincense that made one mystical, and in ambergris that stirred one's passions, and in violets that woke the memory of dead romances, and in musk that troubled the brain, and in champak that stained the imagination; and seeking often to elaborate a real psychology of perfumes, and to estimate the several influences of sweet-smelling roots and scented, pollen-laden flowers; of aromatic balms and of dark and fragrant woods; of spikenard, that sickens; of hovenia, that makes men mad; and of aloes, that are said to be able to expel melancholy from the soul.
He used to wonder at the shallow psychology of those who conceive the ego in man as a thing simple, permanent, reliable, and of one essence.
The psychology of Plato extends no further than the division of the soul into the rational, irascible, and concupiscent elements, which, as far as we know, was first made by him, and has been retained by Aristotle and succeeding ethical writers.
There is not one of those women, Egyptian, Turkish, or Greek, whom here you call ‘good women,’ who do not know how, by means of chemistry, to stupefy a doctor, and in psychology to amaze a confessor.”
“I analysed, if I remember, the psychology of a criminal before and after the crime.”
They have a psychology of their own, brother.
I’ve studied all this morbid psychology in my practice.
So Porfiry, too, had nothing but that delirium, no facts but this psychology which cuts both ways, nothing positive.
He had begun bringing in his damned psychology again!

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